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What is 28 Days to Health™?

28 Days to Health™ successfully combines Clean Eating and Clean Living into one simple program. Clean Eating is achieved by removing the four highly inflammatory foods gluten, soy, dairy and refined sugar from the diet and replacing them with organic, nutrient dense, whole foods. We have also formulated clinical grade, clean, great tasting products free of gluten, dairy and soy to provide people an alternative, convenient way to meet their nutritional needs. Clean Living is achieved by teaching people how to minimize their exposure to the environmental toxins they are exposed to each and every day, while maximizing their body's natural detoxification pathways and ultimately their ability to clear these toxins from their body. Let us assure you 28 Days to Health™ is the solution you have been looking for. Thousands of our clients have literally transformed their lives utilizing our proven system. Their incredible improvements in health and performance are testimony to the effectiveness of our easy to follow program and clinical grade, clean, great tasting products.

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The 28 Days to Health™ team is leading the movement to restore the health of our nation one person at a time. Thousands of people have renewed their health through implementing the 28 Days to Health™ Clean Eating, Clean Living Solution!

Today's conflicting messaging about what, when and how much to eat combined with the difficulty in consistently finding healthy options has given rise to a population of overweight, sick people. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, behavioral disorders, and other degenerative conditions are all on the rise. People of all ages are suffering from excessive weight gain, fatigue, headaches and generally poor performance. Our excessive reliance on prescription medications has only taken us further away from addressing the cause of our problems.

Our four week program will educate you on how to successfully eliminate the foods, environmental toxins, and habits which are robbing you of your health. Our 28 Days to Health™ products will simplify your transition to a healthier lifestyle and sustain your renewed vitality.

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Certified Clean Cuisine

The following restaurants are dedicated to bringing "clean eating" back to the forefront of the modern lifestyle. Don't let eating out stop you from eating clean!

Best of the East Bay!

Thanks to our thousands of fans for voting us Diablo Magazine's Best Cleanse Program of the East Bay for 2011, 2012 & 2013!

Detoxification Benefits

Realize your potential by clearing dangerous toxins from your system. Eliminate the burden of unwanted symptoms and experience the renewal of your health.

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Writer Hannah Craddick provides a first hand account of her 28 Days to Health experience in Diablo Magazine.

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Supercharge your diet with delicious, nutrient dense whole foods. Learn how to create fabulous, cleanse-friendly meals and shakes that are satisfying and taste great.

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